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My (very general) rule of thumb, is that I like a 15-20 fpe gun for squirrel and cottontail, crows and smaller game, a 30-40 fpe gun for turkey, fox, raccoons, a 100-150 fpe gun for small antelope, coyote, bobcat, and a 200 - 400 fpe gun for deer, hogs, warthog, larger antelope, etc. But depending on the situation; such as the need to limit ...The .264 caliber 130-grain bullet has a G7 ballistic coefficient of .263, while the 200-grain .308 version has a G7 ballistic coefficient of .304. With Federal’s Gold Medal primers and specially formulated propellant, Terminal Ascent bullets have all the right components for accuracy. Field-Testing Ballistic Theory.

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The .243 Winchester fires a 95 gr. spitzer bullet at 3100 fps in one popular hunting load, producing 2021 ft. lbs. of muzzle energy in the process. Many thousands of hunters arm themselves with .243 rifles and kill an inordinate number of deer and antelope every year. (Thereby demonstrating its effectiveness for such use.We are not talking about 1 ft lb of energy, we are talking about 4800 ftbs. If most of that energy was transfered into thermal energy, it would blister your finger to …A chronograph can be used to measure speed or can be obtained from the manufacturer. Once these figures are known, multi- ply velocity X velocity X total arrow weight in grains, and then divide that figure by 450,340 to obtain kinetic energy in foot-pounds. The weight of crossbow arrows is designated in grains.For deer, about 900 ft-lb will do but in both cases, more is a bit better because there could be bush in the way or less than optimal placement. Bad things happen. However, the folks who figure 3000 ft-lb is better are just wasting energy as much of that will be dumped in forest/land on the other side after passing through.Kinetic energy is the movement energy of an object. Kinetic energy can be transferred between objects and transformed into other kinds of energy. [10] Kinetic energy may be best understood by examples that demonstrate how it is transformed to and from other forms of energy.Like the rest of its population, Japan’s hunter ranks aren’t just aging—they’re also shrinking. Since 1970, Japan’s hunter numbers have fallen by more than half, as Japan Times rep...A car of mass m slides on frictionless ice with velocity 2v. it collides with a truck of mass 2m that slide on the same ice with velocity v directed in the opposite direction. The car and truck stick together after the collision. how much kinetic energy is lost in the collison? There are 3 steps to solve this one.What amount of kinetic energy does it take to break bones / kill people with blunt force such as stone shot? Discussion/Question I recently read about Balearic slingers who could supposedly throw volleys of stone shots up to 400 meters distance Here I was able to find a video from Tod's Workshop where he measures the speed and provides the ...Anything comparable to .243 or above should have sufficient power to take any size hog at any reasonable distance with good shot placement. In Hawaii, the rule is anything greater than 1,200 ft/lbs ME, so .223's are legal. I personally use a 7mm rem mag on hogs, but my cousin uses a 30-30 and my coworker uses a .270.I have seen recommendations of 45# for deer and 55# for elk if using fixed blade broadheads. If using mechanicals 55# for deer and 65# for elk. I think both of these are on the high side. I have a female customer killing deer consistently with 33# of KE and using Rage KE's. PASSTHRU ARCHERY - 828-273-2815.3,567. Location. Falls Church, VA. Sep 12, 2010. #3. Although I agree with bigngreen that 1000lbs of energy and a well placed shot will take elk, the conventional wisdom says you need 1500 pounds of energy. So I ran your load in exbal and found that you have 1500lbs of energy at 500 yards and 1000lbs at 800.At lower impact velocities of between 1200 and 1000fps, the Barnes can certainly kill but kills can be delayed. Like all .357 magnum bullets, best performance is obtained at impact velocities above 1300fps. ... But by changing to a 200 grain bullet in the .44 Magnum, it can produce greater energy transfer on light to mid weight deer. In the ...Energy needed for a clean kill for some of the following animals and not all classified too many to list, just a few samples: 1) Deer & Black Bear 1000 lbs minimum striking force. 2) Elk & Medium game 1500 lbs minimum striking force. 3) Grizzly Bears 2100 lbs minimum striking force. This kinda goes with having a good well placed clean shot.The effective range of 6.5 creedmoor for deer is typically around 500 to 800 yards. 6.5 creedmoor is a popular choice for deer hunting due to its effective range, which typically extends to around 500 to 800 yards. ... A well-designed bullet can ensure a quick, humane kill by delivering sufficient energy to effectively take down a deer. Keep in ...Imagine that much kinetic energy concentrated into an object the size of a bullet, or a pellet, or a super cool .50 caliber arrow. Now imagine 350 foot pounds in a bullet, or a pellet, or a super cool .50 caliber arrow, and then remember that many PCP’s intended to hunt deer and other types of bigger game will exceed that number.For deer hunting, a crossbow with a FPS (feet per second) of 300-350 is ideal as it provides enough power and speed to effectively take down a deer without causing excessive damage to the animal. ... Using a crossbow with a lower FPS for deer hunting may result in an inadequate amount of kinetic energy, potentially causing the animal to …I've always suggested using Energy (lbs) thats (4 x the animals weight). Example a 200 pound deer needs 800ft.lbs. energy. deer: 700-1400lbs. "Energy". Elk: 1400-2000lbs. of course there is lots of varibles but this is a good rule of thumb.It carries 1,000 ft-lbs of energy out to 800 yards. The Shooter’s Responsibility. Another huge factor in successful long-range hunting is the hunter’s ability to hit the animal’s kill zone every single time. The dirty little secret that many who are promoting long-range hunting keep hidden is how difficult that can be under hunting ...

16-inch Barrel: A 110-grain .300 Blackout bullet leaving a 16-inch barrel averages 2,350 fps and delivers roughly 1,350 ft.-lbs. of energy. That's plenty of juice to ethically and effectively take down deer-sized critters. The distance to which it's an ethical killer depends on your ability.When it comes to bows, energy is stored in the limbs and cams when the bow is drawn, then transferred to the arrow shaft at the shot in the form of kinetic energy, or K.E. My 28½-inch Easton 4mm FMJ shaft tipped with a 100-grain broadhead weighs in at 380 grains – a medium-weight shaft that will produce enough K.E. and momentum when shot ...Step 1. A coffee filter of mass 0.0016kg dropped from a height of 2.7m reaches the ground with a speed of 0.23m/s. How much kinetic energy Kair did the air molecules gain from the falling coffee filter? Start from the Energy Principle, and choose as the system the coffee filter, Earth, and the air. Kair=1 Submit Answer Tries 0/5.velocity x velocity x total arrow weight (in grains) divided by 450,240. How much do your arrows weigh in grains. How fast (in feet per second) are your arrows. to calculate your KE (kinetic Energy) Your KE = How much KE do you really need? If you're hunting deer, you don't need much at all. As long as you make a good shot, that is.

Sep 7, 2021 ... 5:26 · Go to channel · The Truth about Kinetic Energy and Momentum for Deer Hunting. Exodus Outdoor Gear•11K views · 22:17 · Go to chann...What Is Kinetic Energy? Kinetic energy is the energy of mass in motion. The kinetic energy of an object is the energy it has because of its motion. In Newtonian (classical) mechanics, which ...The faster bleeding caused a much faster kill and this in turn enabled the hunter to locate downed game from within a short distance of the initial shot rather than the common risk of being unable to locate the dead animal. ... The projectile transfers its kinetic energy to the surrounding tissue causing acceleration of fluid particles in and ...…

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. velocity x velocity x total arrow weight (in grains) divided by 450,2. Possible cause: The physics conservation of energy E = 39.2 joules. To calculate the Phy.

Location. MN. Mar 23, 2024. #33. Hit that North Dakota Buck with a nearly 2,288,000 grain slug ( 1997 GMC K-2500 Suburban ), that was traveling around 110FPS (75mph). A guy would think 61,468 ft lbs of energy would a stopped him, nope, not even a decent blood trail.I absolutely will. A steel BB with 4.85 ft-lbs of energy is probably (I'm not breaking out lowerys' for this. I'm trying to EASE my way back into posting, lol) right around your magical 600 fps. It's also probably out a little past 65 yards at 59 degrees and sea level, and somewhere around 1.75" of gelatin penetration.? on Kinetic Energy. Jump to Latest Follow 5K views 11 replies 9 participants last post by monster fan Aug 19, 2012. T ...

I would be concerned about getting the setup to where it produces at a minimum 30-35ft/lbs of kinetic energy....that is enough to kill a deer, but razor sharp broadheads and proper shot placement are the keys. I have seen several deer taken by kids pulling around 40#. Also....I take anything said by the big box employees with a large grain of salt.Because there are so many factors at play, it's hard to say with 100% certainty which arrow setups will penetrate a deer's shoulder every time. However, let's call out a few examples of modern-day arrow setups that are very likely to penetrate the scapula. Take the average male bowhunter shooting a roughly 70-pound bow, with about a 28-inch ...Step 1. Kinetic energy: The kinetic energy of a charge can be described in terms of its motion within an ele... An object has a mass of 15.7 X10-9 kg and a charge of -520 nC. It accelerates from a potential of 0 Volts to 5 Volts. How much kinetic energy did it gain?

Max Speed: IBO arrow (5 grains/per pound of draw wei The Deer Hunting is Located in 1017 Cambridge Court, Paris, AR, Arkansas, 72855. Telephone +479-963-8187, [email protected] The .264 caliber 130-grain bullet has a G7 ballistic coefficient of .263, while the 200-grain .308 version has a G7 ballistic coefficient of .304. With Federal’s Gold Medal primers and specially formulated propellant, Terminal Ascent bullets have all the right components for accuracy. Field-Testing Ballistic Theory. All projectile weapons function by transferriPhysics questions and answers. During an ice show a 55.0 kg ska Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Jul 19, 2001. #1. Anyone have any thoughts on the amount of terminal energy required to cleanly kill game? I looked in a hunter-ed book and it lists the following as suggested minimums. Deer, Antelope, Sheep 900 ft/lb. Elk, Small Bear 1500 ft/lb. What's the minimum amount of kinetic energy needed to kill a de The Deer Hunting is Located in 1017 Cambridge Court, Paris, AR, Arkansas, 72855. Telephone +479-963-8187, [email protected] Michelle's Hoyt Trykon Sport, the oneAlso the muzzle energy is only an upper limit for how mCartridges that deliver 1,000 foot-pounds of en Kinetic energy figures can be misleading, however, if dissimilar calibers and bullets are compared. The same Remington ballistics table that provided the energy figures for the .270 and .30-06 loads above also shows that the .30-30 factory load using a 150 grain Core-Lokt bullet carries 1296 ft. lbs. of kinetic energy at 100 yards.This Demonstration is a model of a real slingshot, which is based on certain idealizations and omissions of features of the real world. A model's reliability depends on the extent to which its assumptions are valid. We have made three key assumptions: 1. All of the energy stored in the elastic bands is transferred to the stone as kinetic energy ... The forces and kinetic energy required to penetr How much kinetic energy for deer hunting? For deer hunting, it is recommended to have a minimum of 1000 ft-lbs of kinetic energy to ensure a clean and ethical kill. 1. Is kinetic energy important in hunting? Yes, kinetic energy is crucial for hunting as it determines the stopping power and penetration of the bullet. 2. Those elements are what is needed to calculate kinetic energy. Fo[If you want to propel a 150-grain, .308 caliberA coffee filter of mass 1.2 grams dropped from a hei While some wind turbines kill birds, newer models are being built to reduce bird mortality. Learn why some wind turbines kill birds. Advertisement With U.S. dependency on foreign o...We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.